Screenshots / Скриншоты

SPC/AT Emulator (Win/x86)

Copper Demo (by Surprise): bars, wobble, wobble+zoom (download)

Damn Small Linux
Ubuntu Warty Warthog
Android x86
Debian 7.0 Wheezy (2013)
eComStation 2.2 (OS/2 Warp)
Quake II (Demo)

DOOM1 (Shareware) 3D-shooter by id Software (1993)
Raptor: Call of the Shadows (Shareware) Space shooter by Cygnus Studios (1994)
Raise of the Triad (Shareware) 3D-shooter by Apogee Software (1994)
Wolfenstein 3D (Shareware) 3D-shooter by id Software (1992)
Shadow Warrior (Shareware) 3D-shooter by 3D Realms (1997)
Duke Nukem II (Shareware) Platformer/shooter by Apogee Software (1993)
Duke Nukem 3D (Shareware) 3D-shooter by 3D Realms (1996)

SPC/Korvet Emulator (Android)

Anton Learning game
Klad 1 Platformer game
Pacman Eat-and-run game
Popcorn Break-wall game
Rally Racing game


GTK2 on Ubuntu
GTK3 on Xubuntu
MenuetOS (in old version)
KolibriOS (in old version)
BK screen timings
BK demo 1
BK demo 2
First workable Linux (2008)

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